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brainiac | 19:39 Sun 09th Oct 2011 | Crosswords
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Anybody else disappointed with how easy the MOS Prize Crossword has become? It's more like a 'quick' crossword than the sort of challenge that merits a £1,500 prize. I e-mailed the Puzzlemeister (the son of Chris Feetenby, who used to set it back when it was interesting and tricky), but no reply so far....


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I don't think it has changed greatly, and I've been doing it for over ten years. It is slightly easier, granted, and at least the plethora of cricket questions has gone, but it is still good entertainment.
I wouldn't say it was easy however, I did finish it today some help from google None from Lie-in King Lancelot and quick crossword more challenging
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Thanks for the responses. Have you tried the £1,000 crossword in the Monday Daily Express? Terrible newspaper, good crossword !
Was perhaps a shade easier today but overall don't think it has changed much. What has changed is that we can all google for answers now instead of trawling through reference books or an atlas to find the answers.
I find that the more I do crosswords, the more I seem to get in the swing with them. It may not be that crosswords are getting easier, just you're getting better at answering them!
I read recently that as you get older it is an excellent brain exercise to do a crossword or codeword (which I prefer) every day to stop the brain cells dying. My Mum is nearly 88 and does loads of Searchwords and has a better memory than me!
I found Lancelot easy today but struggled with the Prize Crossword, I thought last week's was easier.................
Glad that some people find it easy. It still find it challenging and sometimes have to check Google, or better still - this site for help. It's a wonderful Sunday when I manage to finish it without too much help :-)
Everyone has access to a Computer these days and it's easy to Google Answers. No matter how hard they make it the Answers are on the Internet and more entries than ever are getting sent in, hence the difficulty to Win
I look forward to my Sunday Crosswords, unfortunately I had been in an RTA in96, and am now in a wheechair, but after several ops etc the crosswords have really helped me get my brain going, it used to take me 4 days to do it, which was an acheivment, now I usually have it posted by Monday, thanks mos and all who help.
redman 41, (hope that's not a Cliftonville redman????), you're spot on, but my challenge to myself is to see how far I can get before the word "Google" pops into my fat addled head.

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