Sunday papers with prize cryptic puzzles

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nilesquimby | 08:03 Sun 19th Jun 2011 | Crosswords
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Hi All,

I regularly attempt the Sunday Times cryptic and Mephisto and wondered what puzzles (of a similar standard) appear in the other Sunday papers. I know the Sunday Telegraph has a cryptic, but does it have another puzzle too?

Any suggestions gratefully received, as I fancy an extra challenge today!



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THE MAIL ON SUNDAY -have 3 good crosswords cost £1,50p
Sunday Express has 3 crosswords cost £1.35p
Both these papers have great cash prizes of £1.500 and £1,000. I live in hope to
win the big one, have won small cash from Sunday express a couple of times,
Good luck,
The Independent On Sunday has two cryptic prize puzzles. The one in the newspaper is a traditional cryptic, usually solvable. The other puzzle,beelzebub, is in the magazine/supplement and is like Mephisto in that there are no blacked out squares. It's tough at times, maybe not quite as arduous as Mephisto.
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Thanks to both of you for those suggestions. I think I may try one this week and the other next. Looks like I'll have a busy day puzzling!
the sunday telegraph has two one cryptic one gk, cost £2
the winner gets a fountain pen and a crossword companion notebook
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Thanks DrFilth. That's another one I'll have a go at! I've always fancied winning one of those posh pens from the Times or Telegraph!
you get two free packets of flower seeds inside the telegraph paper today :)
Question Author
LOL, DrFilth, added incentive! If only I didn't live in a flat! ;-)
lets hope it rains then. lol
Question Author
Lol em10! There's very little chance that it wont! ;-)
weather in the capital has been dire, confess that i wish the sun would put its damn hat on, so can go out without taking the full regalia of brolly, mac, wellies, its clouded over again, but the forecast, when do we ever believe that! says it will be nice and sunny today, umm
Question Author
It is actually sunny here at the moment............I'm going to wander off and get my papers and actually risk not taking the brolly!

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Sunday papers with prize cryptic puzzles

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