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madrid man | 10:06 Fri 16th Jan 2009 | Word Origins
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Which is the correct spelling?

Extension or Extention


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Thank you ,that's what i thought.
The t-version did also exist in the past, but the vote went to the s-version over time and the other disappeared.
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Well thats interesting,the reason i posted the question was that i see it spelt that way(with the "t")around alot these day's,
That's because hardly anyone seems to know about, or care about, spelling (or punctuation) these days, madrid man.
Are you English, madrid man? If you are, it surprises me a little that you can leave the apostrophe out of ' that's ' and yet put one in ' days '.
Question Author
Sorry Bert, must have been the Vino i had before posting.

Nope, "Aussie". Sort of English.

Oh! No offence intended, madrid man. You obviously care about spelling, otherwise you wouldn't have asked the question, and I appreciate the effect that a glass of wine can have. It's the intrusive apostrophe I find hard to understand. I can understand people leaving them out - typing too fast, or just forgetting. But putting one in seems to me to be a deliberate act. You do see it such a lot these days, especially in 'unusual' plurals - pianos for instance, or menus. People really seem to be uncomfortable with them and want to put an apostrophe in there. I have even seen ' he say's ', though. Back to your 'extension' question and Quizmonster's reply. Something similar seems to have happened with 'connexion', which used to be the correct spelling (I believe), but now most people (I think) spell it as 'connection', and both spellings are given in my dictionary (Chambers).
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Hi Bert.
None taken.
Once, writing a letter in longhand it came easy.
Alot changed with the introduction of s.m.s (text)

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