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GSD4ME | 09:01 Mon 06th Aug 2007 | Word Origins
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I was looking at a french football site the other day and they listed the statitics of the match. Most of them I could fathom out but I was stuck with a couple:

Possession (%) 58.0 - OBVIOUS
Total tirs / Cadr�s 16/5 - IS THIS SHOTS ON GOAL/SAVED?
Hauteur d'interception 42m - NO IDEA
Hors jeu 3 - NO IDEA
Corners 2 - OBVIOUS
Fautes commises 17 - fouls committed?

Can anyone help please?
Many thanks


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fautes commises - definitely fouls comitted
tir is a shot, cadr�s is counted/ tallied so I'd guess at total shots and shots on target

hors jeu literally means out of the game - might mean throw-ins

Hauteur d'interception to me is a mathematical term. I've no idea how it might apply to football!

I think you need a French football fan to answer!
Fautes commises = fouls committed.

Hors jeu = offside

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French football statistics translation

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