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vulcan42 | 16:08 Mon 30th Jul 2018 | Word Origins
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is used, according to the dictionary, in the RAF to denote a number of planes subordinate to a wing. Yet the rank of Group Captain is higher than the rank of Wing Commander. Anybody know why?


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I'm sure you've read this and don't know if it answers your 'why' - but...
Which dictionary? In the RAF 3 (or so) Wings make up a Group, so Wing Commander is subordinate to a Group Captain
Perhaps you might like to provide your dictionary link as it makes no sense to me.
I don't think you're right, vulcan.

In the RAF a Flight is part of a Squadron, a Squadron part of a Wing, a Wing part of a Group and a Group is part of a Command.

In WW2 Fighter Command comprised six Groups (numbers 9 to 14). These were large geographical areas covering the entire country. Air Chief Marshal Sir Keith Park's No. 11 Group, for example, covered London and the South-East. These Groups were composed of a number of Wings and Squadrons (with a small number of Squadrons reporting directly to Group). It was not always a Squadron Leader in charge of a Squadron (sometimes a Wingco, very occasionally a Flight Lieutenant). Similarly some Wings had a Group Captain OIC. But essentially the structure was as I described.
Although during my time in the RAF I never reached the dizzy height of Group Captain (or even corporal for that matter) my understanding is that groupings and the titles of officers are based on the following, lowest to highest:

Command (Air Rank Officers).
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Thank you for your answers and my apologies for a tardy reply.
My source is online- Dictionary. com
this is what it says under the word group.
" Air administrative and operational unit subordinate to a wing, usually composed of two or more squadrons."

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The Word "group"...

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