A standing prick has no conscience

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rocky_dude23 | 09:29 Wed 16th Jul 2008 | Quotes
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what does this saying mean and where does it come from - A standing prick has no conscience


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Its meaning is pretty obvious, I should have thought. If a man finds himself with a woman - in circumstances that have resulted in his having an erection - it is possible that he will proceed to put it to use!
The point of the saying is, of course, that this might happen whether he is 'free' to do so or he may be married and the woman concerned is not his wife. Thus, his conscience may be telling him not to do this but his body is saying otherwise.

I have no idea who first expressed this concept in these words.
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ok thank u i thought it was along the lines of someone doin sumthing without thinking properly
Maybe this is related . . .

Yiddish proverb: ' When the prick stands up, the brain goes to sleep.'
hey rocky-dude, welcome to the "You will receive a lecture from quizmonster " club! I joined this morning, without asking for membership I might add. The guy thinks that everyone who asks a question on AB is a simpleton, I'm sure of it.

A lot of adjectives beginning with "p" come to mind and some of them not totally disassociated from your question either

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A standing prick has no conscience

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