You Have Eyes Like Pools ...

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gl556tr | 13:10 Sun 16th Apr 2017 | Quotes
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Seeing this text reminded me that there were a string of these witticisms, not particularly kind to the recipient.
This one was: "You have eyes like pools - cess pools".
They continued in a similar vein. I hope someone can refresh my memory!
Thank you.


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your teeth are like the stars they come out at night
when I look into your eyes, time stands still

... your face would stop a clock
your face is like a flower ..cauliflower
your eyes are sea they make me sick
like the sea^^
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Yes! Great! Keep them coming ...
you jogged my memory, I remember this from school, not quite the same as yours but the same sort of thing.
Your teeth are like stars: they come out at night.

You have a twinkle in your eyes - the sun shining between your ears.
You have a soft heart - and head to match.

Her hair has waves like the sea - the dead sea.

She has a butter face. Everything looks nice, but her face.

Your ears are like flowers - cauliflowers.

You have a heart of gold - and teeth to match.

When I look into your eyes - I see the back of your head.

Your eyes are like pools - football pools.

Your complexion is like Emmenthal - full of holes.

Brains aren't everything - in your case they're nothing!

Your lips are like petals: bicycle pedals.

You have a mind like a steel trap - always closed!

He has a nose like a bloodhound - constantly dripping.

Your eyes are like pools - cess pools.

Your skin is so soft - like mould on an orange
your body is like an hourglass ...but all the sand has gone to your a@@@
^^ LOL
When they gave out ears, did you think they said beers, because you've got a couple of jugs!
When they gave out bellys, did you think they said jellys, because you've got a big wobbly one!
When they gave out noses, did you think they said roses, because you've got a big red one!
when god gave out chins you thought he said gins and asked for a double
Your lipstick matches your eyes - pillar box red
I love the long, dark hair down your back. Such a shame you're bald

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You Have Eyes Like Pools ...

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