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society | 13:03 Tue 01st Oct 2013 | Quotes
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"Never leave your friends up the creek without a paddle because you may meet them coming down".

Is this the same as "don't dam the bridge you cross" ?

Do you know other saying or proverbs which relate to this?


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I've heard the first one as the more common 'Watch who you step on on your way up the ladder, you may meet them coming down'

I dont see how you can dam a bridge and have nerver heard the phrase,
Do as you would wish to be done by .Dont know if that one or I just made it up but its on the same theme
well the proverbs you quote I would call malapropisms...they are not quite that but very similar.
...or maybe a mixed metaphor

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"I dont see how you can dam a bridge and have nerver heard the phrase,"

Zaxmaster, I'm don't know what you are trying to say, or mean. You are not making sense to me.
damn a bridge?
I've never heard the one about damming a bridge - the only way you could do that is by blocking up the watercourse.
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Boxy, my grandmother used to say that one often. I believe it interprets don't forget your past or something of the sort.
Probably a family thing.
Don't sh1t on your own doorstep?
also similar - "be nice to people on the way up, you might meet them on the way down"!
Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

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