well oiled ship - alternative idioms/euphemisms/warrever

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darth vader | 15:17 Wed 12th Jan 2011 | Phrases & Sayings
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many years since i have been on this site - howdy folks!

Ok i need alternative phrases to mean the same as "well oiled ship" please

many thanks


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what does well oiled ship mean? I have never come across that phrase before.
it means that everything is running smoothly
running like clockwork?
"well oiled machine" I have heard, "running like a tight ship"

as an ex seafarer, a "well oiled ship" to me connotates, loads of duty frees!
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i am a fool i meant "well oiled machine"

whilst i was typing the question i thought "tightly run ship" as one answer hence the freudian slip.......

yes i know it's not technically a freudian slip - give me a break
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so tightly run ship - one answer
also running like clockwork, thanks sandyRoe

keep them coming please!
I'd go with the clockwork suggestion
Going like a Boeing!
Smooth operation, or slick operation. Welcome back Darth.

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well oiled ship - alternative idioms/euphemisms/warrever

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