What phrase do you put in a leaving card at work?

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padanarm | 20:29 Mon 15th Jun 2009 | Phrases & Sayings
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What phrase do you put in a work colleague's leaving card? 'Best wishes' and 'good luck' seem so lame.

Any memorable messages in leaving cards?


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Say their name is John. I often put 'I'll never forget you Malcolm!', then the best wishes. Raises a smile most times.
I got one in which one person wrote.....I'm sorry to see the back of you - but it's better than the front........
The place will seem brighter when you leave you miserable old git - then sign your bosses name!
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Someone I know put "Happy Birthday" in a leaving card.
Everyone brings joy to this workplace some when they arrive, some when they leave.
You could write, "Wishing you every success for the future."
When my young & lovely, but incredibly lazy & cheeky, male assistant left, I put in his card "Go on then - pi55 off (& about bl00dy time too)".

He thought it was funny, his mother did not.
I always put 'Merry Christmas' on all works cards - leaving, birthday, pregnancy, congrats
Sorry you're going & taking a piece of my heart with you! trite, I know!
Someone put on mine:

Good Luck in the New Job - Have a drink on me.

They then attached a tea bag to the card - this amused me!

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What phrase do you put in a leaving card at work?

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