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rachaelersk | 18:41 Fri 24th Apr 2009 | Phrases & Sayings
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Why do we give people the bumps on their birthdays and what is the relevance of this? My dad and I were pondering this question as we were about to give my 12 year old the bumps..... he ran off and would not let us do it therefore we killed time by discussing this but no one in the room had any idea!!!! anyone know????


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There used to be an old custom called " Beating the boundary. This involved the local youths, on reaching a certain age, being dragged around the boundries of their village, Upending them and knocking their heads on each marker stone. \\\\\The idea being to imprint points of reference into their minds.
This practice still exists at certain places ( I believe Tower Hill is one such place,
But nowadays they beat the boundry markers with a stick.
( Kids have got it easy these days )

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