proverb help please

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Trussell | 17:23 Mon 30th Jun 2008 | Phrases & Sayings
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I have now found the proverb and so withdraw my request for help which I think was requested in the posting immediately before this one.

Hope this is in time to stop anyone wasting their time or brains on my behalf.

many thanks in case anyone did so


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What was it, as a matter of interest?
ditto can you help with a clue
Question Author
Don't interfere in somebody else's business
Can you help me with this one please- I just cant get anywhere with it.
Trussell gave a very good clue - if you interfere, you meddle. That's your start
Thanks for the help - I shall get to work!!
The answer is "Meddle not with another man's matter".
I see Trussell is happy to take help but to only give a clue when he finds the answer.
Question Author
I was giving a clue as i know some people prefer that to start with. i was waiting to see what response that brought. No way was I keeping the answer to myself.

If, as you stated, it was 'a matter of interest' - the fact that the answer was not given to you absolutely immediately was neither here nor there.
I did not visit AB again until after hornbygirl, to which I gave a very good clue immediately - and I note that you also got the clue - as intended, so why the incorrect remark?
I was interested in the answer as I had spent ten minutes or so trying to work it out for you. Not sure what incorrect remark you are referring to?
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i was referring to your second remark made at 22.51 that I was happy to take help but only give clues when I had the answer. The inference being that I was one of life's takers and not a sharer.
Incorrect because technically I had not taken any help at that point, I had found the answer for myself, secondly, I had been asked to give a clue (not the answer) by hornbygirl, which I had immediately done as soon as I had read the request, and thirdly, I was quite willing to share the answer. i am not one of life's takers. I did not read your 16.38 remark until after hornbygirl, who only wanted a clue. As you were clearly not doing the quiz, and an immediate answer did not matter greatly to you, as inferred by your remark, I did not want to spoil it for hornbygirl, who clearly did not want the answer YET.
wow! you folks are so polite. i'm impressed especially with you Trussell posting your withdrawal statement. rock on!
-- answer removed --
Question Author
Lovely! i appreciate your humour!

Many thanks for your kind words, lajohn
My apologies Trussell. I've just double read and hornbygirl did indeed just ask for a clue rather than the answer which you gave.

Good luck with the quiz.
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Thank you
thanks trussell for your help ,quite a debate been going on whilst ive been out

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proverb help please

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