collective noun for politicians

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nightmare | 16:33 Wed 30th Jan 2008 | Phrases & Sayings
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Can anyone think of a suitable collective noun for a group of politicians ?
I thought of
1) an incompetence
2) an ineptitude

or how about 3) a deceit ?


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Surely the answer is in the word. It is an anagram of colitis pain.
Merriam-Webster gives 'a flatulence', while Wikipedia lists 'an odium', 'a lie', and 'an equivocation'. I think your first two could be more relevant to local councillors, but the third should definitely be added to the above list

Take your pick
Like the idea. Here's mine ...

a sleaze
a slime
a scorn
a contempt
a loathing
a corruption
an inability
a self-interest
a lightweight.

a jolly boys outing.

a treason (in the case of the current lot and europe).
A House.
A pestilence.
A Leech
An unfortunate necessity.
An enema!!!

Well last time I had one of those it was an embarrassing pain in the arse

A freebie

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collective noun for politicians

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