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Nannie1959 | 13:21 Sun 13th Jan 2008 | Phrases & Sayings
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The following is a quotation from a poem, song, book, film or a famous person. I am stuck on this last one, any help would be very much appreciated...thanx in advance.

1. .....Quand les mots qui vent tres bien ensemble.


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when the words which wind very well together
in Michelle (the Beatles)
..sont les mots, etc.

Sorry if that's not helpful!
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Thank you both so much..........looks as though the english and french words are in the version of the song, so I am going to go along with Michelle, thanx once again
'qui vend tres bien' - which go together well - not 'vent', whic is wind as Nannie originally said.
It's 'vont' (go) . Sont les mots... "Are the words which go together very well "
voici les mots, sacre bleu la plume de ma tante lle_Lyrics/48194.htm
So it's 'some words' (des mots) and not 'the words'(les mots). That brings a whole new meaning and nuance.LOL A French friend reported that Paul McCartney speaking French sounded more Russian than English .Hmm.Back in the USSR, huh ?
it's just 'are words...' rather than 'are the words...' - just as in English. I seem to recall Paul got the French words from Jane Asher since he's wasn't very francophone himself.

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