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Goodsoulette | 18:58 Sat 01st Dec 2007 | Phrases & Sayings
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Now I dont want to go all LT on this site, but does anyone else notice how many times a day on here people say thats ironic when it isn't? It might be a coincidence, or a pain in the bum but I have only ever seen irony quoted correctly on here once and that was when someone was explaining what irony is.

Why is it such a hard concept to grasp? I'd blame schooling changes but people older than me cant grasp it either.


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What examples have you in mind? Event s
may be a 'pain in the bum' and be an example of irony, and so ironic. One definition of irony in the Shorter Oxford is "Discrepancy between the expected and the actual state of affairs; a contradictory or ill-timed outcome of events, as if in mockery of the fitness of things " .
One person that certainly doesn't grasp the concept of irony is bloody Alanis Morrisette. No it's NOT ironic it's just bad luck. It's ironic that a song called 'Ironic' doesn't relate to irony at all! I'd love to think that was a little joke on her part but I just don't think that's the case. She's an awful singer and I don't want to give her any credit at all!

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