Stock or stack of knowledge

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witchnanny | 13:16 Wed 04th Jul 2007 | Phrases & Sayings
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Is it stock of knowledge or stack of knowledge?


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It's stacks.
I think stock. It's like in stocktaking: you take account of all you've got. Your stock of knowledge is everything you know.

'Stacks' is a slangy term meaning 'lots'... stacks of knowledge can mean you know a lot. But stock of knowledge would be the normal phrase for all you know, even if it's not enough to amount to 'stacks'.
A bundle!!!
I would say 'stack of knowledge' since years ago, before computers, knowledge was obtained through reading books, and they were kept in shelves in the library known as 'stacks'.
Surely it is "fund" of knowledge?

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Stock or stack of knowledge

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