in dickies meadow

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hodsbods | 17:11 Sat 03rd Mar 2007 | Phrases & Sayings
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who is dickie and where is his meadow


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don't know who or where but it means in deep trouble
Not so much an answer; more a "surmise".

I understand the meaning to be "in deep trouble or dire straits", but I wonder if it has anything to do with the clothing manufacturer "Dickie" who, among other things, produce farm workware.

As farm labourers were ( historically ) seen as some of the lowest paid / lowest respected people, the meaning may refer to someone who, by misfortune, is destined for a "fall" to menial farm labour ? Thus wearing "Dickies". In the meadow, cutting corn perhaps.

Just a thought !
I understand that the phrase dates back to the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485. Henry Tudor (House of Lancaster) defeated Richard of York and became King Henry VII.
Bosworth Field was later referred to as Dickies Meadow - where Richard (Dickie) - the last of the Plantaganents - died & lost the crown.
It was the last Battle of the Roses.

Dickie is apparently Richard Duke of York the father of edward IV and the meadow is where he died in battle.
"Dickie's Meadow", a well-known Northern expression, possibly refers to Sandals Meadow, where the battle of Wakefield took place and where Richard met his end. The common view held that Richard was ill-advised to fight here. The expression is usually used to warn against risky action. ("If you do that you'll end up in Dickie's Meadow".)

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in dickies meadow

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