What do you call lunch ???

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gasman | 15:30 Wed 04th Oct 2006 | Phrases & Sayings
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My friends and i all call it SNAP here in Leeds Yorkshire, But my wife a Geordie girl calls it Baite, ive also heard it called a nosebag. Any other names for their lunch or lunch box out there ?


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My other half's Mum was a Geordie, and he calls ihis dinner 'jock'. I'm in West Yorkshire and I've heard the 'snap' thing too, although I've also heard 'scran' but I've no idea where that's from !
well in sarf london we call it,,,,kentucky,,,,,or grubstakes,,,,sometimes we dont call it anything cos we miss it a lot....
Dinner - then when I get home from work I have my tea.
I call it a piece box.
piece box sounds rude
nice 1 spudqueen like ya thinking,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh yeh sometimes,no,all the time we call it,,,,,,beer,then vodka
I have an idea "scran" is Liverpudlian. "Piece" is definitely a Midlands word for a packed lunch or a sandwich.
I am in South Yorkshire and my late father was a miner, and he referred to his sandwiches he took to work as his Snap. It is used generically a lot in this area to describe any meal or repast. When you are a bit peckish, you are ready for some snap.
My grandma used to send my grandad to work with his 'snap tin' - (Yorkshire).
scran is definately a scouse word, piece is also scottish for a sarnie
Many Londoners would just say grub i.e. lets get a bit of grub.

I also believe lunch boxes have been re-christened Lynfords, in deference to the athlete!
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i've heard Army peeps call it scoff and scran.

My hubby uses piece and he's Scottish

I have dinner and tea personally!

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What do you call lunch ???

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