Noon - 1200 - Midday - Why ?

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chijiki | 14:25 Wed 04th Jun 2003 | Phrases & Sayings
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Why is 1200, the middle of the day, called noon ? Noon is the Latin word for ninth.


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In Roman and later Church timing, 3 pm was the ninth hour of the day. When the church service called 'Nones' was moved to midday from 3 pm, midday was then referred to as the ninth hour. The word is from Old English 'non', itself from Latin 'nona (hora)' - the ninth hour.
Why did I just know that before I clicked on this question the Monster was going to have beaten me to the punch again.....KUDOS to you good sir!
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Once again big thanks to the wondrous QM. for clearing up something that has bugged me for years but I've never got round to solving.
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Noon - 1200 - Midday - Why ?

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