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shammydodger | 00:20 Thu 28th Sep 2006 | Phrases & Sayings
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What's the difference?


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I take it to be one of importance and usefulness. The formula to calculate the area of a circle ought to be part of most people's knowledge of the world. Knowing which film starred John Wayne and Louise Brooks is trivia.* But the great wealth of information now available on the internet has flattened out the distinction a lot, I suspect - you can probably google both of the above, and search robots don't know that one might be more significant than the other.

* Overland Stage Raiders
stony brook
Blue Oyster Cult's biggest hit was (Don't Fear) The Reaper = general knowledge.

Blue Oyster Cult got their name from an anagram of Tolly's Stout Beer on a beermat = trivia.

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Still much prefer my mate's answer given in the pub the other night:

If I know the answer, it's general knowledge. If I don't, it's trivia."

Thanks all the same for your replies.

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