blue eyed marlin

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maxximus | 01:16 Sat 09th Sep 2006 | Phrases & Sayings
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i have a kenyan friend who calls me this. when i ask him what it means he says, it's a fish, and laughs. i assume it is good but i am curios to know what he means, anybody have a clue? thanks.


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No idea what he means- possibly means that you look like one? Big nose perhaps?

Have a look, see if you see a family resemblance? =49557
I'm not really sure about this, but I believe that the blue marlin is a a real trophy, something (someone...) everyone wants to catch. Might that be you, maxximus?

Never heard blue eyed marlin, though, so maybe that's something else...
Incidentally, the blue marlin is the fish in Hemingway's The old man and the sea.

I would say it means you are 'one in a milion' or someone very special - that type of thing.
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thanks boo, but i would like to think i've got a little more going on than that, at least let's hope so! i do have very blue eyes, but i don't get his marlin reference. the way he laughs when he says it lends to it having a hidden meaning to him, i'll have to ask another kenyan i guess, maybe shed some light. thanks daswede and garybaldy also, cheers!

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blue eyed marlin

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