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anagram | 21:42 Wed 14th Jun 2006 | Phrases & Sayings
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I've often heard in american tv shows and films the expression 'cover my six', I assume that this means 'cover my back' but why 'six' ?


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Directions around you are a clock face. So in front is 12 o'clock; left is 9 o'clock, behind is 6 o'clock etc.
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Thank you dean. It makes sense now!

It does?
I don't know as if I've heard it before but I think I'd be even more confused after that explanation...

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Hehehe Foxy.

I must be on the same wavelength as dean because it did make perfect sense to me.

i think it must be rhyming slang hits americee

cuva ma six-pack - cover my back

sddean is, how do your Brits say? Spot on? The phrase originated in WWII by fighter pilots in combat. A lead pilot and his wingman would imagine themselves in the center of a clock with 12:00 directly in front of them, 3:00 at their right hand position, 6:00 at their rear and 9:00 at their left hand. The lead pilot would ask or command the wingman to "cover my six", or "watch my six" which is an abreviated form of six o'clock. You may remember the great WWII movie "Twelve O'Clock High"? This meant the enemy was sighted on their nose but higher than their level... still used today, but primarily an Americanism...

what if you have a digital watch and its on BST when the rest of the squadron are GMTing it

"cover my seven"

sddsddeans explanation makes sense to anyone who has ever been to a restaurant with a blind friend and described his or her plate: You have your peas at seven o'clock, your potatoes at eleven - and so on.

"Cover my six" sounds like a possible way of dodging censorship problems with certain television channels ruled by The Moral Majority - although the line reads "Cover my six", the movie makers know that the audience will hear it as "Cover my *ss."

i thought it was to do with a six shooter?

but yes the cover my ass is probably most likely

(Oh. Didn't think you could say 'ass.' How do you know which words are banned? Trial and error?)

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