The Benefit Of A Public School Education

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Bert45 | 13:36 Tue 05th Jul 2022 | Phrases & Sayings
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I heard many years ago that somebody once said that the main or only benefit of a public school education was that you would be able to spell 'separate' correctly when you left. I thought that it was Robert Robinson who said it. But Robert Robinson did not go to a public school. That doesn't mean that he could not have said it, but it leaves room for doubt. I have been unable to find anything on the internet to support the quote or, if anyone has said it, the author. Does anyone on The Answerbank know more?


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Not sure, I'll ask the family.
The real advantage of a public school education is that it gives you confidence that surpasses your abilities.
You've only to look at our PM to see the truth of that.
yeah I thought the advantage of a PSE was
you can lie and lie and lie and lie and...

BUT prison have PS boys but are not full of them and so I reluctantly have to admit nay conclude that.... young liars occur elsewhere

I dont think the quote is worth the effort

we were told ( English master Robin Atthill who got an obit in the times) - that once you remember separate comes from the same word as parade,
you will never now mis-spell it

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The Benefit Of A Public School Education

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