How Do You Make A Term Popular (Other Than Through Music)?

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the_master1124ya | 21:00 Sun 08th May 2022 | Phrases & Sayings
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The term HOTAPE (Pronounced Hot Ape not HO TAPE) is a Term that was Originally Discovered by a Youtube user when he Described a lonely Female that was giving a presentation in front of an audience. He described how she may have suffered from trauma during childhood, and was resorting to using manipulation tactics instead of using the correct techniques to make an achievement.
Anyway, I would like to begin using the term HOTAPE to describe a woman who is single, Kind of attractive, but is crazy and desperate.
I don't want any credit for coining this term. I just wanna see Everyone using the term HOTAPE to inderectly insult the women who are desperate, talk in a baby voice, is (not necessarily) FAT, and probably has a kid or two from a failed relationship.
Oh, and don't forget that the more educated and career oriented, the better! lol.


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Maybe ask your friends to help out with your project, once you've imagined enough of them.

This could be the new 'bazinga'.

Although I doubt it.
"Maybe ask your friends ..."

You may have put our finger on the problem there ... :-)
H.O.T A.P.E already exists. This link is from six year ago,

I can't be bothered to find out what it stands for nor am I bothered if it's relevant to what your mission is but it's there anyway.
That is what I didn't understand. Term avowedly already exists, yes OP seems to think he is coining it yet wanting no credit.

AND...he wants to change its meaning to something far more derogatory to the women he's labelling.

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How Do You Make A Term Popular (Other Than Through Music)?

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