What Does Getting On Someone’s Bad Side Mean?

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Evan2020 | 03:43 Fri 22nd Oct 2021 | Phrases & Sayings
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What does it mean if you get on someone’s bad side?


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To incur the wrath or displeasure of that person

A simple Google search would have solved that puzzle for you
Question Author
Thank you Emmie that is one of my favorite dictionary apps great definitions. :)
hope you find it useful.
Question Author
Yes I do very much so Emmie! :)
//Thank you Emmie that is one of my favorite dictionary apps great definitions.//
So why ask?
"Getting on someone's wick' is a very interesting - and useful - expression.
doubt that's used in the US, getting on someone's nerves might be more appropriate
Evan's interest in exploring words and phrases might lead him on new discoveries...
I have a couple he might like.
No I dea --
I er never have !
because he like talking to Emmie?

idea in the last post by the way
Evan, you shouldn't upset people here in AB, th'old folks home of tinterweb. You asked for something on a Q&A site, and th'old folks get annoyed at you for asking. Good, eh?
it doesn't annoy me,
...Nor me.
It annoyed someone else, emmie. Good point, Clarion.

Like when I asked my friend on FB something about the menopause, she replied with the old favourite ‘Google is your friend’. But I thought you were my friend, mate.
" what does X mean " is probably the most googled question I use.
very good for translating French and Arabic (*) in the form of "what is the french for X"

remember English dictionaries are NOT prescriptive. They dont specify right and wrong. and so for example disinterested as "uninterested" will be listed even tho it er doesnt mean that
(*) araby - todays phrase - disbelievers and heretics - kufr wa zanadiqa
Simples....Comes from The Black Crows - Netflix.....

Black crow was the nickname of the women's police:
la hawla.....

of you plug THAT into google - you will get their calling sign
( there is no power or force xc froo God)

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What Does Getting On Someone’s Bad Side Mean?

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