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jwatts1981 | 04:17 Sat 16th Oct 2021 | Phrases & Sayings
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What isthe meaning of chod i could not find it in the dictionary


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suggest you google it, its there but too long to cut and paste.
Never heard of it. Can you give an example of those in a sentence. Do you mean chord??
Chod has a variety of meanings, depending upon which website you peruse
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no i mean chod i was jsst wonderingn in india whatit means
i have given you a link, its there that you will find the meaning...
OK it's always good to give as much info as possible in a question. Sorry no idea on Indian use of the word.
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Yes emmies looks good. Never heard chod used in Wales or uk
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i sh ould of put what is the slang of chod can yyou look up the slang the reason i got so any different definitinon i was confuseed 1 was fat person then igotallthesedifferennt meanings
sorry but i can't see any other meaning, than the one i listed.
Words can be used to mean whatever people want. slang is common in uk and communities mainly kids have always invented new words or meanings like peng and innit today
Peng is a new one for me Bobbin, must be getting old
it might be a swear word and sounds phonetically like one as maybe the op might suspect
According to the link i found, 'chod', in Indian slang, denotes a four-letter word, often followed by 'off' and used when you want someone to 'go away'.
As was suggested earlier, you probably know this.
It's an insult, an obscenity, if someone is saying this to you, they're being hostile. Especially if it's preceded by "Mother" or "Amma".
someone's having a chodding laugh if you ask me...........
Thought the OP meant 'choddy' at first. That was what we called chewing gum back in the day.
It's a word you hear a lot in those "scammer gets scammed by IT expert" videos on Youtube when the person in the Indian call centre loses their ****! :-)

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