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jwatts1981 | 06:37 Mon 21st Jun 2021 | Phrases & Sayings
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In the uk people say they got honked what the heck does that mean and how does that make sense i can understand throwing up but honked can someone explain


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cars honk at you, if one takes ones time crossing the road.
i have never heard it as an expression to throw up.
Never heard it but guess you mean for being drunk??
In some parts of the country, 'honking up' means vomiting. It may be a northern thing as i've heard it several times.
maybe the sound of vomiting can be heard as 'honk'

I've heard it used to describe vomiting on many occasions.
"In the uk people say they got honked"

No they don't!
not that i know of...
Honk in the dictionary is the noise of a car horn, and the noise of a goose. It is also slang for throwing up.
You can be honked at or honk up but no one gets honked. Maybe it's an Americanism?
If you get honked, it means somebody directed their car horn at you.

If you honk, it could mean you are honking your car horn, or it could mean you are vomiting.

Honking up is vomiting.

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