Rotten Boroughs

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degreen2014 | 10:43 Fri 30th Apr 2021 | Phrases & Sayings
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What is the meaning of the term.
[Grot Spot]

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rotten borough

rotten boroughs (plural noun)
a borough that was able to elect an MP despite having very few voters, the choice of MP typically being in the hands of one person or family.
Can't help thinking about black adder!
think thats right...
Before the great reform act of 1832 a rotten borough was one with very few or no voters. The borough of Dunwich had actually fallen into the sea many years before yet still sent an MP. Not to be confused with a pocket borough in which the MP was chosen by the local landowner.
I'll let Blackadder explain:

interesting fact: Sir Talbot Buxomly was played by Dennis Lill, Cassandra's dad from OFAH.
Dennis Lill was also Mr Rose, the surgeon from The Royal, always with a pipe in his mouth.

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Rotten Boroughs

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