Nothingness Is The Meeting Place Of The Noble Traveller

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Bert45 | 10:54 Fri 16th Apr 2021 | Phrases & Sayings
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There was a documentary on Peter Rice, "An Engineer Imagines", on TV. (Still available to watch for 28 days.) One of the contributors said, "Nothingness is the meeting place of the noble traveller." I think that he was not a native English speaker, so he might have been translating this from his own language. It sounds like a quotation, but I've not found it if it is. It sounds profound, but what on earth does it mean? Is it nonsense?


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I looked on Google and, just like you found nothing helpful.

I then decided to listen to the programme, alas I have the attention span of a Goldfish and realised that wasn't a good plan.

Whereabouts on the programme is this phrase?

Hopefully someone will come along who actually knows the answer.

sounds like a buddist chant....
He was by all accounts a marvellous fellow who died too soon.
It's at 32:43 and it's Humbert Camerlo quoting a 'Taoist philosopher' as he says, so a Frenchman quoting a far eastern philosopher so at least a couple of translations having taken place :-)

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Nothingness Is The Meeting Place Of The Noble Traveller

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