I need a creative saying!

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HAnn521 | 16:55 Thu 01st Dec 2005 | Phrases & Sayings
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I need a saying that starts out "You're sweeter than....."

It's open to anything...need funny and creative...give me your suggestions!



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You're sweeter than:

  • sugar, syrup, honey, molasses, treacle, chocolate.

  • a simpering puppy

  • a kiss, because kisses are sweeter than wine

Or look in any card at Clintons and pick the most syrupy verse you can find.

Is this request for real?

Question Author
well for FUN, but for REAL as well...
Cherry Pie.
I just typed "You're sweeter than..." into Google and got lots of hits, including:
Deep Purple: Stormbringer lyrics
You're sweeter than the morning
When the sun is shining down on me
There is nothing you can say
That could make me go away....

You're sweeter than a sugar boat on a honey sea that sails its way around the planet canfyfloss in the middle of the milky way or .....

You're sweeter than a really really sweet thing ....

Question Author

love the first one andyhughes!

You're all so sweeeet!

You're sweeter than that lovely huge sweet thing that gave me all my filings.
Charlies Chocolate Factory on its best day.
a lemon


You might have to explain though, that neotame is 7,000 to 13,000 times sweeter than sugar.

I seem to recall that you're in Alabama, so, although highly regional, wouldn't "... sweeter than Grandma's Karo pie" work? At least you'd get questioned about Karo pie...
Question Author

That very funny Clanad....

but, sadly, true nonetheless! ;0)

your sweatier than an americans armpit after a days duty in Bagdad
osrry tad dyslexci

your sweeter than a bath full of warm belgian chocolate
You are sweeter than youth's first innocent kiss

you are sweeter than the smell of a baby
Question Author

smell of a baby?!?


I now have a picture of you on my coffee mug. Today I quit using sweeteners for my coffee. You were sweeter than anything that mixes with a bitter coffee.
7 years too late, mate

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