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smeydiss | 19:32 Fri 23rd Oct 2020 | Phrases & Sayings
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Does it mean «drop out of school»?

Are you finished with school for good, or will you continue your
studies some day?


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It might be to drop out or age out. It doesn't really suggest anything about other education.
One possible meaning is to have completed formal education and to have no desire to return to anything similar.

e.g. "My boss wanted me to go on a college course but I told him that I've finished with school".
That the choice is with the drop-out, provided educational establishments were willing to let them back. But if the drop-out insists it is, "for good", it means they presently have no intention of ever going back.
There might be differences here between British and US usage. Brits generally only use the word 'school' to refer to compulsory education, so one can't (legally) 'drop out' of school. Americans seem to use the word 'school' to embrace post-compulsory education as well, so it's possible for them to 'drop out of' (= 'finish with') school.
no it just means completed
are we just doing someone language prep
Smeydiss. You've asked six questions and received many useful answers from several ABers, yet you haven't had the courtesy to thank anyone. Remember you are communicating with real people on here not a computerised answering machine.
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Good bye forever
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Thats why I thought he'd flounced!

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