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smeydiss | 20:19 Thu 22nd Oct 2020 | Phrases & Sayings
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What is the meaning of «would just as soon A as B»? Does it mean «prefer A to B»? or «prefer both A and B»?

for example: I would just as soon go for a walk as watch TV right now.

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Means not having a preference for one or the other.
I think it means that both options are as appetising as each other.
in theory it means either would do equally well.

In practice, I suspect people say it when someone has first mentioned watching TV so another says "I'd just as soon go for a walk", which suggests that is the alternative on their mind, and therefore the thing they'd rather do.
//would just as soon do A (as B) somebody wants to do one thing as much as another thing; it does not matter to somebody what they do: Susan can have my ticket for the show. I'd just as soon stay at home (as go out) anyway.//
/I think it means that both options are as appetising as each other.\

In the sense of unappetising. I'd rather do neither.
As jno indicates, it effectively means “I prefer A”
"Would just as soon" seems to get used two ways. It can either express a preference or simply a lack of one.

For example, if someone is asked if they'd like to go for a walk, with the reply "I would just as soon stay in", they're actually saying that they'd prefer to stay in.

However if I was to say that "I would just as soon go to McDonalds as to La Gavroche", I'm not actually saying that I want to go to McDonalds, or even that I'd actually enjoy going there; I'm simply expressing a total lack of interest in dining in posh restaurants like La Gavroche.

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