She Said Good Boy To Me. Condescending?

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anonymous12345 | 03:04 Wed 05th Aug 2020 | Phrases & Sayings
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Recently I made friends with a girl who happens to be younger than me. She called me a good boy after we meet up for the second time and I find it condescending. I just happen to be done with my meal and brought bowl to the kitchen while she was cleaning up other stuff. when I hand her the bowl, it was at that moment that she said im a good boy.
I'm wondering if she is just trying to be friendly, or trying to size me up.


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Has she told you to 'Sit' or 'Stay' yet?
Maybe just a pet name thing.
I think she likes you - ask her out on a date!
I think you need to learn to take a joke. I'm sure the opportunity will arise when you can return the favour with a hearty "good girl" in return.
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Hmm i cant seem to reply to anyones reply. Any clue?
er - you just reply!
Start worrying when she gives you 'well done' stickers or 'clean plate' awards.
Write each of your replies in the box as you did at 6.05.
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Ahha so i reply to everyone. So we are basically just friends but we've bonded quite a bit as a friend. But idk if i find it condescending because of my more preserved asian culture. Shes asian but she grew up in a western country. Maybe i did just overthink it

Behind the the bike shed, boy.
I think there`s nothing to worry about. It could be just a joke
It's just an expression, I doubt she meant anything by it.

The local veg man refers to me as 'Young Man', he's probably about forty, I'm 65 - it's just an expression.
it was just a compliment for you as you both are new friends.
I see your point, anon., and yes, you're right, it is a socio-linguistic question.

I have a good pal, as it happens a British Asian (from Harrow!). He's about 40, I'm old. I wouldn't dream of calling him 'boy'. Too many connotations of the Raj, of slavery, of caste and colonels 'calling for tiffin'.

I doubt if it's the same Asian to Asian, unless she still thinks of herself as being from a higher caste than you. You're right to ask the question, but it's probably harmless. Give it a little longer, and see if the 'problem' fades into nothingness.

It's "problems" like this that cause so much trouble in the world today, When people start analysing every word said to them and look for a double meaning. I would suggest she was just being friendly.
The OP does not say how old he is so,maybe, he is a boy.
Vulcan. No, mate, you’re wrong, and I doubt if you’re black, or from the East, because then you’d understand that being addressed as ‘boy’ carries similar weight as being addressed as the word starting in ‘N’ (can’t bring myself to use the usual n-reduction which I find twee and offensive!)

‘Boss’ is subtly different, as IT carries an element of taking the p-word.
Totally agree vulcan.
Well, I think vulcan and iluvmargie should think again, as your comments are straight out of Britain 50+ years ago, when the BBC thought words like *** were somehow amusing, and racism was something to be ignored.

No more.
Allen// being addressed as ‘boy’ carries similar weight as being addressed as the word starting in ‘N’//
I think that only occurred in the USA.Never heard it used in that context in the UK.

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She Said Good Boy To Me. Condescending?

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