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shanks889 | 16:46 Mon 20th May 2019 | Phrases & Sayings
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put your mask around your neck
hold your flippers in one hand
walk into the surf until the water is about two feet deep
sit down with your back to the waves
put your flippers on your feet
stand up and turn around to face the waves
place the breathing tube in your mouth
adjust your mask
start swimming
be sure to keep the end of the air tube above the surface of the water


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scuba diving
You must be very very close to being labelled a spammer and getting barred.
Question Author
why would i get banned ?
is this the website for asking and answering ?
or is it just people who like to read jokes ? like your name old geezer
shanks889 you are not breaking Site Rules, just note people may not answer, or they may be bitter for some reason. (unsure why)

Just get on with it but expect some resistance.
be careful....posting so many posts so quickly looks like spamming and spammers get deleted or suspended
Question Author
okay, thanks for the advice but how about all the question I put it in a single question here would it work ? or I still will get branded as a spammer?
You need to identify the important elements and make sure they are included in the summary. In this one, which is more important, wearing flippers or putting the breathing tube in your mouth and keeping the other end above water?
Spath may wish to read through the rules linked to.

"Users attempting to spam ... the website will have their account terminated."
That's snorkelling not scuba diving
I'm not at all clear what you are asking. Tilly was an English teacher so she may know. This just looks like a set of instructions, in the right order, for scuba diving. SO do you need something like "instructions for SCUBA diving". Or do you need a phrase for each step?
Yes, snorkelling not scuba diving. I think shanks is looking for something more basic though like "instructions"
Question Author
But what kind of spam ?

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