Que Sera Sera

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spathiphyllum | 09:51 Fri 26th Apr 2019 | Phrases & Sayings
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Ways or symbols of saying what will be will be in different cultures.


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Che sara sara (Italian)
c'est la vie ?
Question Author
i was hoping for something a bit more Asian to be honest, or south american.
South Americans speak either Spanish or Portuguese and you already have the Spanish version.
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I'd love to be able to speak spanish. If i could speak any language it would be spanish.
o que será [Portuguese],
Spath, what's stopping you?
will be will be in Chinese.... jiang shi jiang shi ?
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I use to go to spain every year as a child, when i went, by the end of the week my spanish would very basic, but OK. Then when it came to next year, i'd forget and have to learn again.

Now i am where i am, i find learning quite hard. My brain isn't like it use to be. It would take a lot of effort and time for me to learn spanish

I begged and begged my school to allow me to learn spanish, but they forced me into french simply because of the side of the year i was on. Not fair at all. I got a D in french.
spanish would be a sensible language to learn as it's the second most spoken language in the world

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世事多變化 - Things of the world are fickle
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I'll try and get into it. I find watching spanish TV helps.
and I hope people don't take the pith x
oops wrong place lol x
In Thai it is approximately (the sounds don't translate properly with English lettering)

Alai mun ja geurt gorh geurt
However, I have never heard this spoken before
Thai's use the same expression to mean many different things and you guess what it means from the context.
"mai penh rai"
This really means no problem, or that's OK, or whatever but would also probably be used for que sera sera also
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Yeah i get you...
" *** happens " .......

........... American English

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Que Sera Sera

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