What Do You Think The Message Of This Poetry Is?

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hellofriendxoxo | 01:32 Wed 03rd Oct 2018 | Phrases & Sayings
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This poem is called Prophetic Dreams

I’m on top the top of a rooftop
as high as the sky.
I feel uneasy.
I see myself
on the edge of the roof.
I took a step and
I’m falling as the birds and
wind goes past me.
I’ve never felt this
feeling before and it
feels so real.
It was like a dream
that came to life.
I woke up.
The next night
I had the same
dream again
I’m getting this feeling
I feel the same feeling
My heart is beating as a cheetah going for kill
My vision is going blurry
My head hurts
I feel like I’m going to die
I keep telling myself
to wake up
Everything is loud like a police siren.
I don’t understand
I can’t wake up
I’m on the top of a rooftop
I look down
I see blood on the ground
a body covered in a white cloth
I see ambulances and firetrucks
People crying
People standing and watching
Cars going by
People passing by
I watch as the wind blew off
the white cloth
It reveal a face
I thought to myself
Am I alive?
Is this my future or someone’s else
Is this a prophetic dream?
I looked closer
I’m on top of the rooftop
As I looked
I wake up crying
My heart is racing like a train
I realized it wasn’t me
It was my best friend.

I enjoy reading poems on a daily but this poem got me struck on what kind of message it is. Can anyone tell me what the message of this poem is? I would love to know. (go ahead a recommenced me some poems to read) Thanks


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btw I mean't "poem" not poetry lol
There is more poetry in the yellow pages!
Question Author
I've read some of them but I want to read more of them. Do you have any idea what is the message of this poem is?
Question Author
I'm so sorry for your sons's loss! Prayers for your son's friend's family!
a basic dream analysis would point to success and happiness and a great friendship at first

but it does not seem to satisfy for there is more that needs healing and happiness than the self. there's a world that's bleeding

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What Do You Think The Message Of This Poetry Is?

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