What do eggs have to do with sailors?!

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Snappy | 11:25 Fri 26th Aug 2005 | Phrases & Sayings
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When i was younger i used to help my grandma make the yorkshires on a sunday by cracking the eggs in. My grandma used to tell me i had to crush the empty shells and say "to save a sailors life" before i put them in the bin! I've never heard anyone else say this and i dont know what eggs have to do with sailors?!! Anyone know?


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There was an old superstition that witches would use unbroken eggshell halves as boats in which they could sail out to sea, causing mischief to ships...and, obviously, sailors.
Er I still put my teaspoon through the bottom of my boiled egg's shell to break through the bottom of it when I'm finished lol Please tell me other people do this!  *no? damn*

You can have your egg and eat it, but beware...

Mycatis, don't worry you're not the only one that still puts a hole in the bottom of your finished boiled egg shell, I still do at 37!
..he-hee...been doing that nigh on 70 years......turn it over in the egg cup and hit the bottom to "Save a sailor's life"......<G>
Some people say that the fairies use egg shells for boats, so you have to decide if you want the witches to NOT have a boat or the fairies to have one.
Really hard choice !

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What do eggs have to do with sailors?!

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