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emeritus | 06:19 Tue 14th May 2013 | Phrases & Sayings
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Interesting Grammar Quiz to test your knowledge.


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Yeah! I got grammar guru (Thank goodness)
I did get one wrong though.
7/10, almost a guru!

some of the answers jumped out at me, and I had absolutely no idea about the others.
Same as sara3
Interesting- must try harder!
Deary, deary me! Back to school for more English lessons. I got 3/10 :(

My daughter will be disgusted with me.

just done it, i got them all correct
I managed 7

Incidently My daughter doing A-level English developed a tendency to use shall inappropriately over will

Trying to explain it I found I wasn't quite sure myself

Turns out it's so complex it's got a huge wikipedia page

So excel, you know your fallen subjunctives from your dangling participle. Welldone.
8 / 10
I must have fallen asleep during English as I can honestly say I don't remember modal, gerund or imperatives and as for dangling whatsits, well!
The sort of grammar nonsense up with which I will not put!

I am *so* going to steal that!
not convinced by number 3.
That's the one I got wrong. jno.
the sort of tangled sentence that can't really be sorted out by commas, I think. In writing, the author ought to sort it out. In speaking, in real life, people do get their tongues in a twist - but in real life you'd be able to see Hilary.
I was not too good, I am a promising pedant.
eye muss be fick, I ownlee got six!
I've just bookmarked BBC Skillwise so I can practice.
I'm a guru!
A grammar guru: what else needs to be said?
Bleurrgh only 7/10 :(
One I got wrong was stupid Hilary who I think could have been anything he liked :(
I learned more about English usage from reading "The Complete Plain Words" by Sir Ernest Gowers than I ever learned in all my days at school. Yet I don't recall him even mentioning a fallen subjunctive. He was brought in by the Treasury to write a guide for civil service officials, calling on them to do away with overblown, pompous and ill thought out writing. His motto may well have been,"Say what you mean in the least number of words". For those with any interest in English usage, his book is entertaining and well worth reading, and can be read online at...

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