have a rip

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kjc0123 | 06:52 Thu 19th May 2005 | Phrases & Sayings
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What is the meaning of "have a rip" in the following sentences?

If his father had been a crooked judge, something Ray was not willing to believe, then Claudia would know about the money. It was obvious she did not. Ray never suspected she knew, because if she had then the money would not have remained hidden in the study. Let her have a rip at three million bucks and everybody in the county would know about it. If she had a dollar, you were going to see it. As pitiful as she looked across the table, Ray suspected she had very few dollars.


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Ray is saying that if Claudia had known about the three million bucks (dollars) and had access to it, everyone would have known in a short time since she, in Ray's opinion, was spendthrift (spending all the money she could get her hands on)...

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have a rip

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