marquee signing

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eddiek | 00:07 Sun 03rd Jul 2011 | Phrases & Sayings
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the above phrase seems to be popular for football club signings but I fail to see the connection with the original meaning Can anyone explain ?


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I'm guessing that it comes from American English. Our transatlantic cousins use 'marquee' to mean "canopy over entrance to large building". (That's taken directly from the Concise Oxford Dictionary).

A 'theater marquee' (to use a US spelling) is where the name of the star performer is displayed, as here:
So a 'marquee player' is one who, if he were an actor, would have his name on the marquee.

Well, it's as credible as anything else that I can think of!

that's also what I would have said.

Indeed, the US term 'marquee' is intended to convey a banner which draws attention and is also used in web design for scrolling text; an attention grabbing feature no longer permitted on AnswerBank but still present in threads from yesteryear...

ABerrant, a user late one Saturday night a few years back showed people how to do this, on provision of their membership number (or something of the sort); it looked suspiciously like a scam - numerous users had to get themselves new logins afterwards - and the Ed removed the facility for good.
When HTML tags were given free rein on this site all AB-users could implement the Marquee tag to produce the scrolling effect, however it is now the preserve of the AB Editors, either within their own posts...


...or to activate the failed attempts of others...


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marquee signing

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