Two friends

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wildwood | 22:21 Mon 07th Feb 2011 | Jokes
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Two friends met each other on the street.
One said “Tjeez, I heard that your grandmother died recently, what did she have?”
“Only some jewelry, an old TV and a little bit of savings”
“No, that’s not what I mean. What was her trouble?”
“The elderly home, loneliness and bad eyesight”
“No, I mean what did she die from?”
“Oh, I see what you mean, she died from a broken neck”
“Good grief. How did that happen?”
“I asked her if she could get some potatoes and cabbage out from the cellar for tea.
Then she slipped on the stairs and broke her neck.”
“Unbelievable! So what did you do then?”
“We went out for Chinese!”


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goodness, this is a modern version of:

Agnes: my husband passed away on sunday

Ada: what happened?

Agnes: I'd asked him to nip down the allotment and pull up a big cabbage for dinner. As he was doing so, he had a heart attack and died.

Ada: Dear me! What did you do?

Agnes: Opened a tin of peas!

tin of peas! makes me laugh every time!

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Two friends

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