Mr and Mrs Blobby

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lesblue | 09:41 Tue 17th Mar 2009 | Jokes
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are in bed together. Mrs. Blobby says:"Blib blob blib blibble blob blib blib blib blobble."
Mr Blobby says: "For heavens sake, woman. Just swallow it!!"


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I can`t stop lauging HaaaaaaaaaaHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Oh My God HAAAAAAAAAAAHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Now I`ve wet myself HaaaaaaaaaaaHaaaaaaaaaaaa
you made i laugh
Similar to the old bill and ben joke featuring weed!!!
Soooooo funny hahahahahahahahaha.
I was going to say I like it......but on second thoughts, yukky.
yes, very good lesblue.
LOL! (women take note)

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Mr and Mrs Blobby

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