Dreadful disease

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patiodors | 00:35 Thu 06th Nov 2008 | Jokes
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A woman has awful trouble finding a boyfriend, so goes to the doctor for advice. He admits it's not his area of expertise and sends her to a Chinese doctor who he believes will be able to help her.

She tells him of her predicament. He says, "ok, prease take off all your croves, get down on hands and knees and craw across the room"

She thinks it rather odd, but does as he says as she really wants to know why she has such a problem with men.

"Thank you, now prease turn round and craw back again"

Again she does as he asks.

"Thank you, you can now put on your croves again prease, I know wot is probrem"

As she gets dressed, amazed that he can have the answer so quickly, she asks what the diagnosis is.

"You have Zachary Disease" he says

"That sounds serious" she says " what does this mean?"

"It means your face zachary rike your arse..."


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LOL, very good.

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Dreadful disease

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