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Nik315 | 13:46 Fri 02nd May 2008 | Jokes
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What is the first sign of madness?

Suggs walking up your driveway


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yes yes yes! love it.
You see -the point of a joke is you gotta understand it, it's not a question of ''Sense of Humour'' ,in this case What IS a Suggs ?
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Don't you hate that when you don't get a joke.
Bongggg!! Wrong - if you didn't know who Madness were you'd say what ARE Suggs...
No-my Gramaar might not suit you but I didn't know what a Suggs is -so I was NOT wrong. Now I know it's a form of madness ! Thank-you.
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OK then Brionon, Suggs is the lead singer of a pop group called Madness.

The best thing about a joke is having to explain it!!

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