A bad day?

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dilligaf | 21:23 Thu 06th Dec 2007 | Jokes
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So you think you are having a bad day?

Imagine this: You are a Siamese twin joined at the hip with your brother who is gay. You are straight he is not and his lover is coming over.......and you only have one 4rse.


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At last a sign, there is humor alive and well and living in the answerbank, Thank you Dilligaf !
thats disgusting and discriminating to say the least. There's nothing funny about siamese twins, if you were born like one u sure wouldnt be laughing about it.
That dillgaf, is not funny.
That, Dillgaf, is flippin brilliant !!
That, dilligaf, is flippin brilliant !!
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That answer shouldn't have appeared internet went off so I refreshed !
hahaha what a clever situation to think up.... are u in 3rd grade or is your mind forever trapped in that immature prison?
I've had worse days.
it's an interesting dilemma. i suppose it could really happen as con joined twins don't neccessarilly have to be of the same sexual orientation.

still funny though!!!

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A bad day?

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