Good joke to get your friends with...

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spaced | 14:21 Thu 01st Nov 2007 | Jokes
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..this is one my mate told me and got me with. Tell a mate that you know a mechanic (make sure you make this as believeble as poss)..

and when you went down there the other day to have something checked on your car, you noticed his lovely alsation drinking petrol from a can. Your mate told him off and all of a sudden the dog started going mad, running around, jumping up and down, sprinting from one end of the garage to the other, when all of a sudden it just stopped dead....

at this point your mate will say "what happened?" to which you reply "it run out of petrol"

i love this one!


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I used to work in a garage but our dog only ran on diesel nice one spaced.
They say the old ones are the best. Well, that's what they say!

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Good joke to get your friends with...

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