Witty names.....

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smudge | 18:03 Fri 09th Feb 2007 | Jokes
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I think I just heard my husband right....

A few days ago Terry Wogan said he was listening to the Jeremy Vine show & a correspondent phoned in saying his name was Drew Peacock!

No one at the studio twigged it!

Do you know any other witty names


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Isac Hunt is one of my favourites :P
There is one a bit lower down this section -
Chris Peacock

Seems to me that anyone with the surname Peacock should be very careful what they name their sons!
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He, he! There is also a Mike Hunt too theren!

Ha, ha! Like that one too CheekyChops.

Aren't we naughty!
At a place I once worked at - we would ring the receptionist and get her to put out calls for various people over the tannoy - I remember calls for Drew Peacock, Mike HUnt, Wayne King and Phil McAvity before the management put a stop to this
hugh jerection

jenny talia

don kiddick
If clean ones are allowed:

Sheila Blige
Maud Lynn
Sonia Papermoon
Barbara Seville

And from my wife:

Lew Roll
Polly Styrene
Anna Glypta
Cath Ode
Dai Ode
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He, he, thanks all.
Theresa Green is my fav
Two gays Micheal Fitzpatrick & Patrick Fitzmicheal.
Also Mrs Jarses son Hugh.
Mrs Modo's lad Quosie
One name that's great to do in Charades or give us a clue is Tony Han(d)****..
Tony Hancock aint rude
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Nice one Pharlap - incidentally, I had a little friend at junior school called Theresa Green!

I like the gay Fitzpatrick & Fitzmichael one dinosour - never heard it before, so will text it on!

Thanks both. ;o}
Thanks Smudge it' nice to be apprciated
I always thought the best one on Wogan was Rudolph Hucker

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Witty names.....

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