Radio Phone In. True Story!

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Leight0n | 17:12 Fri 09th Feb 2007 | Jokes
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I got an email about a year or so ago about this radio phone in competition.

It was on a radio station in Australia, around Valentines Day, and there was a prize up for grabs for a fantastic 2 week holiday for one lucky couple.

The competition was that a guy or a girl would have to phone up and answer, truthfully, 3 questions about his/her sex life. The presenter would then call the other half and if they gave the same answers then they won the prize. (If I remember correctly).

This guy called up and the radio presenter asked him something like this...

"When did you and your partner last have sex?"

Man says sheepishly "This morning"

Presenter "Was there anyone else in the house at the time?"

Man even more sheepishly! "Yeah....... my mum was upstairs"

Presenter "Your MUM was upstairs??? Well the last question is where did you do it?

Man "In the kitchen."

A few songs are played and then the radio presenter calls the Mrs. He explains what's happening and what's at stake and asks her the same questions. She gets the first two questions correct, answering, "This morning" and "the mother-in-law was upstairs" and he then asks the final question.

"Where did you do it?"

There is no way, for some reason that this woman is going to tell and after a bit of banter the presenter says,

"Comon, if you tell us where you did it you'll win the holiday"

The woman bursts out,

"Up the a*se!"

Silence fell in the studio, then it erupted into laughter, needless to say, they won the holiday!


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Radio Phone In. True Story!

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