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Hopkirk | 07:14 Mon 04th Jul 2022 | Jokes
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My inflatable house got a puncture last night.

Now I'm living in a flat.


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well you have blown it this time.....aren't you tyred of producing such run-down material?
oh dear this joke has left me depressed x
it's left me flat as a pancake,
you could always stay at an airbnb x
you must feel deflated!
i always thought you lived in a bouncy castle,
Wish I had a flat. I've got jack.
Does it mean your rent's been lowered?
Wow, what a letdown
That punctured your plans.
I think some dastardly person put a nail in it.

I suggest contacting the PSI (CSI) team to investigate this crime
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I'll have baked beans for lunch
Question Author
Beans too posh for you Army?
Question Author
Yes, they are. I’ve heard people have them on toast, how posh are they.

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