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Rondy | 12:06 Sat 02nd Jul 2022 | Jokes
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Joe has not been feeling very well for a while, tired, wheezy, run down generally knackered so he goes of to see the doctor

The doctor prods and pokes, takes the usual samples, and tells Joe to come back next week.

After a week of worry Joe returns for the results.

"Well Doc what's the verdict then ?"

"I'm afraid you're suffering from Yellow 47"

"Yellow 47,never heard of it "

" No it a very rare disease, and unfortunately its incurable "

"So how long have I got Doc ?"

" It could be a week, or a year we just don't know, all I can suggest you make the best of the time you've got left "

So Joe goes home and tells the wife, who suggests they go of to bingo ?

Joe couldn't go wrong, winning every House including the £50,000 Jackpot !

" You're the luckiest man I've ever met " said the Bingo Hall manager as he handed over the cheque.

" Lucky ? I've got Yellow 47 "

" Congratulations you've won the Raffle as well."


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